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New format for the popular Natural History Course

Bermuda Zoological Society
Friday, June 9, 2017

Camilla Stringer

January saw the re-launch of the Natural History Course.


The education department at BZS decided to change the format of their popular course of lectures and field-trips, so that it is now been split into modules. Instead of 10 lectures and 5 field-trips over 5 weeks, the structure was changed to 2-week modules comprising of 2 evenings of lectures and 2 field-trips. The course has been offered in this format since the beginning of the Spring and have proved to be much more effective and popular with attendees.


Themes explored so far include Bermuda's Beginnings, Bermuda's Marine and Terrestrial Vertebrates, and Man's Impact - for Better or Worse. A total of 31 teachers attended one or more of the modules offered this spring, and between them earned 268 Professional Development hours.


One of the highlights was the visit to Nonsuch Island, where the attendees learned about the restoration work that has gone into creating the Living Museum.  Participants also had an opportunity to observe Jeremy Madeiros at work feeding the Cahow chicks that have been translocated to the island.


New modules will be scheduled in the fall.  Topics will include the island's avifauna and marine environment and the course is open to the public, as well as teachers aiming to gain professional development hours.

For more information about the Natural History Courses, please contact Camilla Stringer at or call (441) 293-2727 ext. 2134