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Legacy of AC35 – Philanthropic achievements

Royal Gazette
Saturday, November 11, 2017
  • Office supplies and equipment, including computer monitors, backpacks, caps, water bottles and sunglasses to Bermudian schools, churches, government agencies and charities.
  • Furniture from more than 20 apartments occupied by America’s Cup staff and teams to the Salvation Army.
  • A number of freshwater hydration stations to five primary schools and one middle school.
  • The 30ft x 65ft playground equipment was relocated to the Botanical Gardens.
  • Picnic tables, life jackets and various sailing equipment to Endeavour Community Sailing.
  • Replica rudders and dagger boards from the America’s Cup sailboats to the Masterworks Foundation.
  • The Fan Store container to the Ireland Rangers Football Club and approximately 295 trash bins to the Ministry of Public Works.
  • The ACBDA and ACEA are in the process of donating all their indoor and outdoor wi-fi equipment, worth about $145,000, which is enough for every public school in Bermuda.
  • The America’s Cup Endeavour Programme hosted a Gala in June 2017 at Fort Hamilton which raised nearly $610,000, which was split equally between Endeavour Community Sailing and Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.
  • America’s Cup Race Management donated $100,000 to the Bermuda Zoological Society through the Government of Bermuda and invested more than $30,000 in Bermuda Weather Services to assist with enhancement of the Pearl Island Weather Station.
  • The ACRM also donated $50,000 in furniture to the Government following the America’s Cup to use in future low-cost housing.
  • Oracle Team USA’s canteen area, with showers, dinghy ramp and garages was given to the Endeavour Sailing Community. The sheds used for Oracle’s sail boat, wing, and boat building were donated to Wedco and have the potential to serve as the Endeavour Sailing Centre, as were the office furniture and gym.
  • Artemis Racing donated the boat displayed at their base at the America’s Cup Village to the new Vintage Transportation Museum.
  • Oracle Team USA donated an AC45 boat and a “wing” to the Bermuda Vintage Transport Museum Ltd.
  • Team France assisted the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo in cleaning turtles and by building a shaded area on Trunk Island to allow for future outdoor classes.
  • SoftBank Team Japan, who won the Foil Fest 2016, donated their prize money of $6,250 to the Reading Clinic and $6,250 to the Centre Against Abuse.
  • Land Rover BAR, in partnership with the Bermuda National Museum, provided funding to install 194 solar panels on the roof of the museum, which is expected to cut the museum’s electricity bills by as much as 20 per cent.
  • Land Rover BAR donated tables, chairs, bookcases, books, unused exercise books, art supplies, stationary, whiteboards, and storage units to Purvis Primary School.