Ocean Vet

Ocean Vet is a factual entertainment series like no other. It follows the exploits and adventures of Dr Neil Burnie (1954-2014) in the oceans around Bermuda.

Neil was an eccentric character, full of life. His love for the natural world developed whilst growing up in his native England. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a vet before wanderlust took him globe-trotting – busking, fly fishing and diving the world's shallow seas. It was an advert for an assistant vet in Bermuda that brought Neil closer than ever to the wonders of the open ocean. It changed his life forever.

Well-known throughout the island, Dr Burnie would go from swimming with sharks, to playing his saxophone on stage, to working at Endsmeet, where he cared for many of the island’s animals.

Dr. Burnie’s larger than life character and marine exploits captured the attention of an international film crew, leading him to be selected to star in the Ocean Vet television series, which was filmed in Bermuda. The series follows the exploits of Dr. Burnie on his mission to protect Bermuda’s precious marine wildlife. Dr. Burnie had truly infectious enthusiasm and a hands-on approach to some of the most dangerous marine animals, making for compulsive viewing.

Tragically, shortly after filming of Ocean Vet wrapped, Dr. Burnie died in a marine accident.  The Ocean Vet team pledged to continue the series and they have since enrolled film star, former Bermuda resident, and son of Bermudian the late Diana Dill, to narrate the series. An entire flotilla of boats was on hand to bid farewell to "Ocean Vet" Dr. Burnie, who was buried at sea.

A series investor, ACP believes Ocean Vet will drive tremendous awareness of our marine environment and the scientific study of species and organisms that inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ocean Vet is produced by British company Gass Productions who film all over the world in some of the most challenging filming environments. The recent international success of the adventure fishing series Rod & Rucksack is testament to the specialist crew, producers, and post-production teams. 

The  Ocean Vet series was presold to Cineflix Rights, a division of Cineflix Media Inc and a leading independent UK television content distributor to be broadcast worldwide.