John L. and Karen C. Pye Internship - Canadian Students

Established by Lorraine and Ron Lucas in 2001 in memory of John and Karen Pye, Lorraine's brother and sister-in-law, to honor their keen interest in the marine environment. The internship provides education and research opportunities at BAMZ and is awarded annually to a Canadian science or biology university student. The intern is responsible for the cost of travel to and from Bermuda. The scholarship provides a weekly stipend for food and incidentals, and pays for accommodations and a monthly public transportation pass.

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Our Aquarium has over 200 species of colorful fishes and invertebrates in numerous naturalistic displays. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Interns will learn all aspects of the daily care of exotic animals and plants including animal handling and treatment.
  • Interns will participate in behavioral observations and our animal enrichment program.
  • Interns will assist with diet preparation and feeding including food culture methods.
  • Interns will maintain daily records including animal activities, food consumption, and special projects.
  • Interns will assist with life support maintenance and water quality monitoring.
  • Interns will assist with exhibit enhancement, which may include the collection of marine specimens, horticulture and or fabrication of exhibit furnishings.
  • Interns will participate in providing Interpretative talks to visitors and special interest groups.


The Animal Care and Quarantine Department (ACAQ) is responsible for both Marine specimens and Zoo quarantine, wildlife rehabilitation and the preventative health care of our zoo and aquarium collection.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interns will learn all aspects of the daily care of exotic animals and including animal handling and preventative health care
  • Interns will learn basic quarantine procedures and policies
  • Interns will conduct behavioral observations
  • Interns will learn diet preparation and feeding techniques for animals in critical care
  • Interns will maintain daily records including animal activities
  • Interns will assist with veterinary care that may include treatments, x-rays or other diagnostics
  • Interns may have the opportunity to assist our Marine Collector with specimen acquisitions


Under the umbrella of BZS Conservation Research, projects are conducted in conjunction with other organizations. Our conservation and research programmes focus on Bermuda and are funded primarily by the Bermuda Government, U.K and U.S. Governments and private donations. Being SCUBA certified is mandatory

See our Conservation Projects for more detail on each of these programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interns will gather and analyze biological information necessary for the sustainable use of Bermuda's living resources.
  • Interns will assist in  field-based studies including sampling and monitoring, animal capture and marking
  • Interns will assist with laboratory or database work.