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Video: Aquarium Shark Released Into The Wild

Monday, August 27, 2012

“Osbourne,” a 7-year-old Galapagos shark, was released into the wild in March of this year after spending the past 6 years at the Bermuda Aquarium.

Local filmmaker Milton Raposo captured the process:

Click here to view local filmmaker Milton Rasposo's video "Osbourne's Day Out: North Rock Tank to North Rock".

The 6½ foot long shark was released back into the wild for “health reasons”. Last year Osbourne started developing a rubbed rostrum (nose) in the tank due to competition from the grouper.

Aquarium staff tried to reduce the aggression between the two through various training methods but were unsuccessful and as such plans were made to return the shark to the wild this summer. However, the hostility between the grouper and shark escalated and the shark’s condition deteriorated. College grants.

With assistance from Dr Neil Burnie and Mr. Choy Aming from the Bermuda Shark Project, Aquarium staff and volunteers moved the shark onto a fast boat using a specially made sling and placed it in a shark transport box.